Buying [Transaction Process]

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買賣交易流程買方基本提供資料,檢查確認文件, 了解屋況。大部分文件由經紀人,公證和產權公司 製作。如果是現金交易, 流程不必走全部。 

  1. 預先同意並評估您的財務狀況。
  2. 選擇理想的房地產提供購買請求以及初始的誠信保證金。
  3. 開始與產權和代收公司交易
  4. 填寫貸款申請書
  5. 安排房屋檢查。
  6. 安排信用報告和房產價值評估。
  7. 複查合同尤其註意每一個步驟的日期都必須寫清楚。
  8. 複查初期的產權報告,並把它遞交給貸方和房地產代理人。
  9. 把報告內容遞交給買主。
  10. 複查初期的產權報告。
  11. 選擇理想的貸款
  12. 复察屋況並排除偶然發生的意外情況。
  13. 有必要的話需增加保證金。
  14. 收集並繳交貸方要求的為批准貸款的文件。
  15. 產權和公證公司準確產權報告準確無誤。
  16. 討論選擇Home Warranty Insurance 進行保險。
  17. 貸款批准後安排貸款文檔
  18. 把貸款文檔送到產權公司
  19. 房地產代理人對結束交易進行最終說明(Escrow Closing Statement
  20. 對貸款的最終條件進行複查
  21. 簽字:公證公司和貸款文件上簽字。
  22. 簽過字的文檔和保險單一起返還給貸方,
  23. 最終一次參觀是房地產
  24. 複查貸款文件
  25. 貸方放款
  26. 買家存入需支付的餘額
  27. 在縣政府辦公室註冊產權。
  28. 交易結束,最終結賬聲明通知所有有關方交易完成。
  29. 鑰匙交給新業主。

Transaction process : The buyer basically provides information, checks and confirms the documents, and understands the housing situation. Most of the documents are produced by brokers, notaries and title companies. If it is a cash transaction, the process does not have to go through all. 

  1. Agree and evaluate your financial situation in advance.
  2. Choose the ideal real estate to provide the purchase request and the initial good faith deposit.
  3. Start trading with property rights and collection agencies
  4. Fill out the loan application
  5. Arrange house inspections.
  6. Arrange credit reports and property value assessments.
  7. In reviewing the contract, pay special attention to the date of each step must be clearly written.
  8. Review the initial property report and submit it to the lender and real estate agent.
  9. Submit the contents of the report to the buyer.
  10. Review the initial property rights report.
  11. Choose the ideal loan
  12. Review the housing conditions and rule out accidents that happen by accident.
  13. If necessary, increase the margin.
  14. Collect and pay the loan approval documents required by the lender.
  15. The property rights and notary company’s accurate property rights report is accurate.
  16. Discuss choosing Home Warranty Insurance for insurance.
  17. Arrange loan documents after loan approval
  18. Send the loan documents to the title company
  19. The real estate agent makes a final statement on the closing of the transaction ( Escrow Closing Statement )
  20. Review the final conditions of the loan
  21. Signature: Sign the notary company and the loan document.
  22. The signed document is returned to the lender together with the insurance policy,
  23. The last visit is real estate
  24. Review loan documents
  25. Lenders
  26. Buyer deposits the balance to be paid
  27. Register property rights at the county government office.
  28. At the end of the transaction, the final settlement statement informs all parties involved that the transaction is complete.
  29. The key is handed over to the new owner.

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