丹维尔是美国加利福尼亚州康特拉科斯塔县下属的一个城市。于1982年7月1日建市。城市面积约为46.7平方公里,根据2010年美国人口普查,该市有人口42,039人。市政府特别提出的Kids on the Go 计划,使丹维市成为旧金山湾区最适合让有小孩的家庭居住。这几年年轻高科技 家庭人口涌入,但是治安没有随着人口变坏,是旧金山湾区少数犯罪率下降的城市之一。学区号, 治安好, 房价也就跟着涨起来。


下面这个Kids on the Go 的最新报告。


Kids on the Go THE PROGRAMS KEEPING OUR KIDS SAFE AND OUR TOWN TRAFFIC FLOWING Street Smarts is a collaborative partnership between the Town of Danville, City of San Ramon, County of Contra Costa, San Ramon Valley Unified School District, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs and community partners. The program helps educate children and the public about traffic safety and responsibility. Currently, the program engages the community through in-school activities and discussions, contests, traffic safety advertising campaigns, and community events. Visit street-smarts.com for Street Smart events and programs. 

STREET SMARTS UPCOMING EVENTS: • Annual “Walk and Roll with Street Smarts!” Poster Contest: October 1, 2021–November 3, 2021 Elementary school students in the San Ramon Valley are invited to draw and color a Traffic Safety themed illustration depicting bike, scooter, skateboard or pedestrian safety. • Annual “Be Reel!” Video Contest: February 1, 2022–April 1, 2022 Video contest for middle and high school students. Theme will be announced in January 2022. Awards Night will be held in spring 2022. • CHP “Start Smart” Teen Driver Safety Classes coming soon to your local high school! Check SRVUSD’s Smart Start website at www.srvusd.net/startsmart for upcoming dates. 

TOWN BEGINS PREPARATIONS FOR RAINY SEASON Residents Can Help Prevent Flooding STREET SMARTS REMINDERS To ensure the greatest level of safety for everyone, drivers should always: Debris left in private drainage structures can become a serious flood hazard when it enters the public drainage system. Firewood, tree trimmings or other objects that are dumped or left on the banks of both private and public waterways become obstructions as they travel downstream. These objects become lodged in pipes and, as the storm waters continue, bring additional debris downstream, the pipes become clogged and flooding occurs. Every year, the Town of Danville takes on the monumental task of cleaning and clearing miles of roadside ditches, concrete lined ditches, culverts, creeks and storm drain inlets. However, despite these efforts, there are instances of flooding in some Danville neighborhoods, many of which could have been avoided.  

TRAFFIX is a traffic congestion relief program, 100% funded by Measure J, a countywide ½-cent transportation sales tax, supported by voters as a traffic congestion relief measure. Its sole purpose is to reduce traffic congestion caused by parents driving their children to and from school through some of San Ramon Valley’s most congested intersections. 

TRAFFIX began service in August 2009 with a fleet of new clean-burning buses with state-of the-art safety features and currently has 26 routes that serve the Danville community. To encourage parents to stop driving their kids to school, TRAFFIX provides this service at a fraction of the cost of other school bus programs—only $475 for an entire school year for each student. TRAFFIX is operated jointly by the Town of Danville, the City of San Ramon, Contra Costa County, and the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, with funding from Contra Costa County Measure J through the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, the Contra County Service Area T-1, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and parent contributions

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